As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Finances. Admin. Plus, the product or service that led you to start the business in the first place. 

You know good content is critical to drive more sales, but writing is another task you don’t have time for. That’s when it’s time to look for outside help.

Content Writing to Further Your Business Goals

Here at Allison Evelyn, Inc., I support busy business owners by creating authentic content that furthers their brands’ missions and goals. And, of course, empowers business growth.

I utilize a honed process to enable and create authentic content, so you can focus on what you do best - running the business and performing your unique skills.

Why I'm Passionate About Content Marketing & Writing for Business Owners

For one thing, content marketing works:

  • B2B marketers that use blogs experience 67% more leads than those that do not. (Source)

  • 72% of marketers from around the world cite relevant content creation as being the most effective SEO tactic (Source).

  • Websites with blogs, on average, have 434% more indexed pages. (Source)


That may sound great, however, it’s another task that takes time and expertise.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand how much is on your To Do list already. For a lot of people, creating content needs to be done, but feels overwhelming. Even if you like writing, it can feel especially hard to write about yourself or your own business.

It’s the same reason many people invest in accountants and electricians; the amount of time it would take to gain their knowledge and try to execute what they can do more efficiently could be spent better elsewhere - the work you truly excel at.

Through years of experience in marketing and business, I have helped many clients across a diverse range of industries.

Accountants. Pilates studios. Restaurants. Law firms. Fashion stylists. Non-profits. Health & wellness companies.

(To name a few.)

This is the work that makes me thrive. Crafting content that is unique to your brand, tone and messaging drives me to jump out of bed everyday. Truly though - I can’t remember the last time I hit the snooze button.

Whether I’m creating website copy or running a company’s blog, the content targets the people you best serve. I capture how you do business and convey that to the people that matter - your target audience.


The Content Writing Packages I Offer

One size fits all doesn’t work for shoes. And it doesn’t work for business owners either.

I get to know you, your business and its goals first; then, we create a custom plan. To learn about the content writing services I specialize in, head to the Services Page

How Can I Help With Your Business' Content Needs?

Alright y'all.

Let's get this important task taken off your plate.