The 3 Epiphanies to Grow Your Business and Improve Writing ASAP

Are you ready for a miracle?

For freedommmm freedommmm freedommmmmmm -

From the business chaos?


I get it. You’re currently:


  • In the thick of running a business.

  • Overwhelmed by the day-to-day of doing the work and getting the clients.


The problem:


It hasn’t felt like there’s time to sit and think about your goals.

To pause and smell the coffee (or matcha latte…;)


Why You Must Have Business Strategy to Market Right

To move your business forward, we must comb through the chaos and make a plan, so you can be sure your:


  • Processes really make sense for your business

  • Efforts intentionally serving the right clients


The right strategies empower you to map out and create marketing & a wesite that achieve your goals. Start with these 3 key questions. 


Pinpoint: What Makes the MONEY?


This may sound basic, but it’s not studied enough.


Go through your last 3 - 6 months of sales and figure out what actually brought in the most profits for your business.


You may be spending too much time marketing the least dollar-producin’ service, like the small

hourly work that brings in almost no ROI (Return on Investment).


Understand the service(s) that offers clients the most value (it’s probably what you love doing most) and lets you charge the price that brings in meaningful income.


Then, alter marketing and messaging to funnel folks into that service.


HOW Do You Close Sales?


Most of us fear the word sales; I get it.


We think of the used car salesman who gets a bad rap. (Shout out to all you car salesmen who are tired of that comparison and are really quite lovely people.)



Okay, but really. When it comes down to it, you need to make sales.


Making a profit distinguishes this as a business from a hobby.




  • Do you tend to close sales when meeting in-person or by phone?
  • Are sales closed once you show them samples of previous jobs?
  • How many sales come from social media?


This matters. So. hard.


The answer affects how you market yourself and what each marketing piece’s Call to Action is.


(For example, f you know the email inbox is the lost, black hole bane of your existence and the last 5 sales were closed by phone, have them book a phone call.)

What Do You Repeat ALL THE TIME?


As Chris Guillebeau, author of the $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future says, “if you always have to answer the same questions from different customers, you're wasting time.”


True story.


Stop reinventing the wheel. Create:



Need a 3rd Party Come in & Cut the Chaos?


Sometimes, you need someone outside the business to come in and work their magic.


When so close to your own business, it takes that outside person to point out how a blog could be used for better, why one social media platform isn’t working or why the Home Page leaves people super confused...and not buying.


A business strategist and copywriter sees the gaps, assists in strategy, and then writes the words to make it happen. (Plus, templates can take up WAY more time than expected.) 



Well, to be straight up, this San Diego copywriter would love to help. Book a free 15 minute consult to start transforming your business ASAP.