Why Funfetti is My Word of 2017 (And Maybe Yours, Too)

Each year, many of us make new year's resolutions; if set with true intention, they're a powerful way to grow physically, mentally, spiritually and beyond. If you are like me, it's easy to write new year's resolutions that tend to be lengthy and detailed. That's why the idea of a one word resolution is so powerful. It boils everything down to one simple element: 

A word of the year. 

Why to Choose a Word of the Year

Emily Thompson, founder of Indie Shopography and co-founder of the Being Boss podcast, was discussing why she sets a one word intention for each year. When going through daily life, it can be easy to forget or focus in on each resolution. Having one word to match our goals up with can simplify everything. 

So, what's the emotion, vibe or action that we want this year to be centered around? I'm swimming in delight having finally honed in on mine: 


(Many thanks to the image source:  Crepes of Wrath . Your desserts are heaven in cake form.) 

(Many thanks to the image source: Crepes of Wrath. Your desserts are heaven in cake form.) 


Funfetti: Word of the Year for 2017

Funfetti is a colorful concoction that you can't help but feel glorious about. Everything about funfetti desserts brings thoughts of joy and celebration. Plus, it's not only lively and unicorn-like on the outside, there's just as much magic and happiness on the inside, as well. 

That's why I want my decisions to align with the word funfetti. When taking on a new project, is it one that will give me feelings of funfetti? Will that new idea or investment bring more vibes of funfetti into my life and the lives of those around me? If not, maybe it's something I should be saying no to. (Yes, of course some things may not seem like funfetti. Replacing windshield wipers and doing laundry may never feel like cake, but perhaps we can at least we come at those tasks with a most positive, colorful mindset.) 

It's time to say yes to more funfetti moments. 

That in mind, I look forward to more things that make me want to swim in sprinkles and shower in cupcakes. More opportunities to share funfetti with those around me.

What Is Your 2017 Theme? 

I'd love to hear about your 2017 theme. Do you have a word or theme for this year? 

Please share - as I now go grab myself some funfetti birthday cake ice cream.