How to Write a Home Page that Sells Like the Hottest Cakes

You want your Homepage to entice visitors and help book new clients, right? As a passionate business owner, you are so proud of what you offer and know your services help the right people.

Yet, it feels like traffic on your Homepage could convert a lot better.

Let’s change that.

How to Write HomePage Copy that Sells


As a copywriter who overhauls websites, years of writing, learning and more writing have revealed some key tips to writing a Homepage that :

  • Shares the right information
  • Speaks to your dream clients
  • Encourages them to take action
  • Builds credibility

Here are the top few tips for writing a great HomePage, compadres.

To get ya selling like hot cakes. 



Know Who Your Website is Speaking to


First, you MUST know who your ideal client is. Imagine that person is reading your website and how they’ll react.

Even if it feels like you serve a large audience (i.e. Moms in their 30s, Active men between 40 and 55), let’s be real :

There are patterns with the type of people drawn to your brand - and, in turn, your favorite type of client.

Think of it this way: When asking someone to a restaurant, the verbal inquiry is very different for :

  • A first date
  • Your mother
  • A spouse who isn’t too happy with ya at the moment
    (But hey, that dinner will probably help!...Although chocolate truffles don’t hurt either.)

The dinner offer is the same, but WHO makes all the difference for wording.

Why does this matter?

Neuroscience studies continually show that humans use emotions to make decisions. Much of our choices are NOT based on logic, but feelings. (BigThink)

To know how that target audience feels? They must be defined.


Decide the Home Page’s Message & Purpose


Before writing, it’s also key to define the WHY of your Homepage.

Understand how you want the website visitor to feel and act.

The purpose of the page drives the words. If you want to drive one main service or offer, that should be the key focal point.



Use Simple Words that Make Home Page Copy Relatable


If your field has a lot of industry verbiage, remember who your ideal client is : Are they someone who will know what it all means?

  • Acronyms
  • Niche words or phrases

When humans don’t understand something, it creates uncertainty and discomfort - sometimes even fear or a feeling of being intimidated.

It's important to avoid these emotions that lead to a lack of action.

Instead, use simple words - and get into industry details later (AFTER they’ve booked. And you’ve both virtually fist bumped accordingly.)

Include The Following to Create Credible Website Copy


There are a few key ways to gain credibility.

  • Studies. Facts. Data.
    • Numbers and scientific findings make things more legit.
      (As long as they're real and truly relevant. Ethics here, my friends, ethics.)
  • Testimonials.
    • Hearing thoughts from others, particularly peers, is wicked powerful for showing credibility.

This is science.

According to the BrightLocal Consumer Review, 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as recommendations given from personal, word-of-mouth recommendations. (BrightLocal)

That’s powerful stuff.

(And yes, that statistic proved a point - but also is example of bullet point #1 : Use data to add credibility, compadres!)



Next Steps for Website Copy that Sells Like the Hottest of Hot Cakes


These were a few super key ways to write great Homepage copy that gets more clients.

If you need some inspiration for diving in, it’s time to check out Why Corgi Butts Are the BEST Writing Inspiration.


P.S. Curious about the origin of the phrase : "To Sell Like Hotcakes"?

Hotcakes inspired this idiom around 1840. There may not have been a specific spike in demand, but here are two potential explanations : 

  1. Origin Idea #1: At county fairs and other events like church socials, there was A LOT of attendees. (No Netflix at that time, my friends.)  They'd be hungry. Hotcakes would be made quickly, yet lines would remain. High demand for hot deliciousness. 
  2. Origin idea #2: In Britain, Canada and Australia, pancakes #HotCakes are traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday #FatTuesday, marking the start of Lent. In prep for this 40 day fast, that means using up all the good stuff (fat, butter, etc.) - and downing those hotcakes like, well, hotcakes!