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My, my, a copywriting speaker that's saucier than mom's spaghetti



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You want people to walk out of your event venue, notebooks in hand, gasping over how incredible the experience was.

What clinches a fantastic conference or workshop? It isn’t the coffee.

Attendees remember the people they heard…and nuggets of info they took away.

It goes beyond amusing anecdotes.

The right speaker doesn’t simply entertain, they share game-changing insights.

After all, that’s why they came to your event. To connect. Learn. To return to their desk Monday with renewed energy and vigor.

This is what I, brand strategist and copywriter speaker, bring to the table stage.


Allison here, brand strategy, email and copywriter speaker

Passionate about the power of words and empowering women business owners in every way, I deliver engaging talks on brand voice, website writing & UX and emails. Popular topics include:  

  • Finally, get website writing that’s strategic & utterly YOU

  • How to write rockin’ emails that actually move your brand forward

  • Little-known persuasion tactics to make your site & UX a client magnet


These energized presentations don’t leave listeners inspired, more confident and ready to take action.

In my talks, I vow to bring smiles, strategy...and then some.

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The bio, meet this zesty copywriter speaker

Allison’s obsessed with teaching service pros how to write with their real, raw personalities - and, simultaneously, use strategies to be persuasive af.

In the wild west of the commercial and production industry, Allison found her true niche in copywriting. (Apparently the Marketing and English degree actually made sense!)  As a partner for a variety of businesses, from solopreneurs to international brands, Allison’s developed hard-hitting strategies that are a must for any business wanting success.

With a niche for serving women business owners, wellness brands and service pros, Allison has boosted email conversion rates by as high as 24%, written promo sequences with an average open rate of 35% and transformed clients from lost freelancers to in-demand experts.

When not masterminding with top marketers, Allison is in her home base of San Diego, California - doing downward dog, hosting her women’s business book club or lamenting the fact carrier longer exist. (Shocking, is it not?!)


Listen to her speak, live

Podcast Interview - Allison on Coffee & Conversations, Episode 8, by Katie Saffert


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