What is Copywriting?



“Copyright, like trademarking?”

“Editing words?”

“Creating captions for social media?”

You’re not 100% sure what copywriting actually is.


Most business owners are in the same boat; you're twisting and turning in a small dingy - trying to figure out what in Codswallop is going on. 

It’s time to catch the rope ladder, climb out of the dingy, and hoist yourself onto the majestic cruise ship.

Aboard your cruise to copywriting knowledge - relaxed and margarita in hand!

For Real Though, What is Copywriting?


Copywriting (verb):

The scientific process of writing advertising or promotional materials, like your website.

Copy =  The words on your ads, website or brand materials

(What you paste into the backend of your Squarespace or Wordpress site.)

Copy is the RESULT of ALL the Copywriting stages.

Deep research.


Strategically research your ideal client's needs, SEO keywords & your competitors. 

Do internal research to find your brand voice.

Visual Roadmap.


Copy sets the stage for what a website or brand piece looks like.

Words determine forms, buttons and ALL other visuals.



Psychology Principles


You must know how the human brain works!

Copywriting is NOT just pretty words.

It's science.


Business strategy.


Goals influence what words you use. 

And vice versa.

Words influence what your strategy & intentions are.



Honestly, Here's Why Copywriting Makes or Breaks Success

You MUST have great copywriting to take your business to the next level. Strategic copy:

  • Grabs attention

  • Creates rapport

  • Makes someone say, “Yes, I’m in the right place!”

  • Clarifies the offer & hooks the sale

Picture it like this, mon amie.

Your Website is a Parisian Cafe. 

 Image Credit:  Iwas London

Image Credit: Iwas London

There's no sign outside, but it looks like a cafe.

You walk in. 
Like the decor. 
Smell croissants baking.

You go up to the counter.  

You’re not sure what you want or where to go next.

The garçon at the register smiles and waits to write an order. NO guidance.

You order coffee-to-go. (Hoping it has milk.)

The garçon returns with a paper cup. You take it (not wanting to ask too many questions) and head back along la rue which you came.

THAT is what happens when there’s no or ineffective copy.

Opportunities are left on the table. 

Even if it's visually gorgeous. Even if you WANT to buy.

You NEED words to clarify the offer and guide action.


What if, instead...

 Image Credit Goes to  Top Coffee Blog

Image Credit Goes to Top Coffee Blog

The waiter says, “Welcome! Ready to sit and relax?”

“YES, PLEASE!” Your feet are tired!

He says, "We serve coffee but are known for our lavender latte. Its organic ingredients come from a monastery in the south of France. 

A portion of each latte purchased goes to a local orphanage. 

Plus, it's GREAT with our mini bundt cake."

Done. AND done-r.

When GUIDED, you happily spend more money.


Happier Customer + More Profit for Business



To clarify, I’m sure you smarty pants have figured it out!:

The Cafe = Your Inviting Visual Branding
(Website, Instagram, Pictures)

The Waiter’s Words that Speak to Your Needs + Highlight Value = Your Copy
(Words for Website, Emails, Promotional Materials)

Okay, this is sounding pretty darn important.

Time to for the next step, ma belle amie!

Why the Best Copywriters Call You "Samwise"

Yes, like Lord of the Rings. 

Once you understand how important copywriting is, it’s onto part #2: Writing great web copy.

For the best copywriting, learn to write in your brand voice AND know:

You’re Samwise. Your dream client is Frodo.



You truly care the person you serve & understand their struggle well.

As Samwise Gamgee, you empower the destiny of Frodo Baggins (aka your ideal client).

The Struggle


Dream client carries their “ring”. 

AKA: A struggle in business or personal life.

The Goal


You help them reach their destination:

In this case, Mt. Doom.

The Success


Because of you, it happens.

The ring is cast into the fire!

Maybe their Point B isn't a volcano (fictional or the one filmed in New Zealand).

The destination is their desire for a healthier mindset, stronger business or better home life.

Mt. Doom is the place or mindset you help them to reach.


You must be like Sam. Put ALL focus on your ideal client. 

After all, the Lord of the Rings protagonist is Frodo. 

Even though Frodo would NEVER have made it without his hobbit friend.

You are there to help them through all plot twists - through to the end! To that final goal you promised! 

The copy MUST reflect this. 

Samwise, it's time to own your role. 

Need help gettin’ there?

Two Easy Ways to Great Website Copy


Here’s how I get ya to Mt. Doom (aka copy that sells your services).

I, Allison - resident word nerd and San Diego copywriter here, am your Sam. Take your brand to the next level with:

Copywriting coaching (improve your current site through my review & feedback)
Custom writing (Copywriting done for you).

What''ll get the “ring” off your chest?

(Or out of your little hobbit pocket?)


P.S. Sometimes, the destination literally is Mt. Doom.

Lord of the Rings was filmed in NZ, and you can trek to the volcano used in the movies.

It's called the Tangariro Alpine Crossing.

And yes, it's INSANITY. The full-day trek includes "The Devil's Staircase" and, at some times of year, lotsssss of icy snow. My Samwise? Merrill Hiking boots. Magical kicks, my friends!