My, My, a Writing Workshop that's Saucier than Mom's Spaghetti

And, like Madre sometimes, delivered with tough love.

Because your peeps need more than applause and gold stars. Those are great, don't get me wrong!, but they need (and want!) to be challenged with new tactics and interactive exercises to help them grow. 

That's what a workshop, led by this home skillet, does.

I empower your people to write with more confidence and clarity, so they increase productivity and ROI-based tasks.

After my presentation, they learn skills they can implement immediately.

So...Ready for employees or members to achieve more confidence in copywriting or business communications?

Me, too. Here's how.


The Steps to Book Your Writing Workshop

Choose Signature Talk.

Pick what your audience needs most.

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Get Custom Workshop.

I do deep research and learning. Then, I deliver a custom presentation.

What Signature Business or Writing Workshop Is Most Needed?


Each workshop teaches your employees, colleagues or members how to boost writing and business skills. Which one serves their current needs?

  • How to Write Clear Copy that Captures Your Brand
  • Learn to Write Better Emails & Communication ASAP
  • How to Create Content Dream Clients WANT


Not sure? In quick application below, share your thoughts. I help you choose the right option. 


Time to Make Like a Reservation.

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Most of the year, I'm a San Diego copywriter and brand strategist, also available for travel to speak at events and workshops.

Why? So more people all over this planet will write more effectively, work more productively and maximize ROI.

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