You have a unique company and unique niche; now, you need to convey that to your dream customers through effective content.

That's exactly what I do. Passionate about serving business owners and empowering business growth, I specialize in content writing and training for you - the busy entrepreneur.

Writing for Business Owners: The Content Services I Offer

I specialize in serving my clients through:

  • Blogging: From initial research and brainstorming to final execution, I go undercover to become the voice of your company's blog. 

  • Website Copy: Crafting the copy for businesses’ sites

  • Writing newsletters to entice readers

  • Creating articles and press releases that tantalize

  • Editing and proofreading, to clean up and hone what you may already have

  • Instagram captions, including research for relevant, hard-hitting hashtags

This process does not simply include writing. It encompasses the full range of activities that will maximize impact and value for your audience, such as:

  • Calculated keyword research

  • Strategic brainstorming for blogs and content topics

  • The intertwining your brand’s messaging and values

  • Fueling the desired response you want your audience to take (#CallToAction)

Speak to Your Target Market + Dream Customers

A wise individual once said, “You can be nothing to everyone or everything to someone.” That philosophy in mind, I create content that specifically speaks to your target audience and offers them value, so you can have more dream customers.

The Content Creation Process: Step-By-Step

You're interested in content services for your business; here is the kick off process you can expect. 

  • Say hello, at the bottom of this page or here. Share the basic details, like your name and content needs. 

  • I'll follow up to learn a little bit more about your company and the type of content you have in mind. It's an application that takes no more than 3 minutes.

  • It looks like a good fit; virtual high five. Let's hop on a call or meet in-person. Based in America’s Finest City, I’m a San Diego content writer and love meeting with business owners face-to-face when possible. If you're located elsewhere, no problem. A phone call or video chat is great.

  • After diving deeper into your brand, goals and content objectives, you'll promptly receive a proposal. Once a start date is established, I’ll get to cranking.

Then, you go focus on...everything and anything else besides content. Writing is off your To Do list, my friend.

Start Getting Help With Your Business Writing Needs

You're almost there; just let me know what writing project you’ve wanted to tackle.