You have a unique company and niche; now, you need words to convey that. 

This is exactly what I do: Create brand-centric copy that simplifies and sells. 

What are My Copywriting and Content Writing Services? 

I specialize in serving businesses through:

  • Website Copy that hones key messaging and speaks to dream clients

  • E-blasts and newsletters to entice readers

  • Descriptions that concisely capture the key elements of products, videos & more

  • Articles and press releases that inform and tantalize

  • Editing and proofreading to clean up and hone what you may already have

  • Blogging where I go undercover to become the voice of your company's blog

  • Scriptwriting for brand videos and marketing videos

  • Social media captions, including research for relevant, hard-hitting hashtags

This process encompasses the full range of activities that will maximize impact and value for your audience, such as:

  • Calculated keyword research

  • Strategic brainstorming for blogs and content topics

  • The intertwining your brand’s messaging and values

  • Fueling the desired response you want your audience to take (#CallToAction)

Speak to Your Target Market + Dream Customers

It's been said, “You can be nothing to everyone or everything to someone.”

I couldn't agree more.

It's why I create content that specifically speaks to your target audience and offers them value, so you can have more dream customers.

The Content Creation Process: Step-By-Step

Here's my copywriting and content writing process, from start to finish. 

  • Say hello, at the bottom of this page or here. Share your name and content needs. 

  • I'll follow up to learn a little bit more. It's an application that takes no more than 3 minutes.

  • After diving deeper into your brand, goals and content objectives, you'll receive a proposal.

  • Once approved, I'll share a standard contract. Once both parties approve and e-sign, I get to work. 

We hop on the phone or meet in-person either through the process or after the contract has been signed. Speaking voice-to-voice helps me better capture your brand. Plus, it'd be plain great to meet. 

A San Diego copywriter, it's great to meet with my local Southern California clients in-person. Phone calls and Skype are fantastic, as well. 

Start Getting Help With Your Business Writing Needs

You're almost there; just let me know what writing project you’ve wanted to tackle.